The Psycho Realm: A War Story (book II) by Gato

Photography by Sal Rojas / Digital Aztlan

The Psycho Realm: A War Story (book II)- Not since the old N.W.A. days have the boys in 'da hood been so anxious to blast a ghetto anthem- but the underground generals are back!

That's right/... and attacking the scene with a grievous fury, like a typhoon wind hitting downtown Los Angeles (ground zero) on impact. Blowing up spots with deadly data in the form of musicko notes that permeate through flesh like anthrax- then, penetrate the conscience. In true street terrorist fashion, the Psycho Realm brings it kamikaze-style (balls out!) Experts at hitting targets with carefully planned executions; the Art of War is played by the professionals and orchestrated by the maestros of strategy. Sick Symphonies kills with precision and delivers raw footage of the War Era like embedded journalists (but stay underground like Been Latin). The audio documents are encoded on discs of accurately timed explosions created to inflict maximum damage.

An empire that has reigned without mercy since 1492 is full of fear, and attacks right back with a flurry of laws intended to destroy indigenous values. But it won't succeed because the enemy of truth is a liar; the hater of light dwells in darkness. The F.A.C.T. is: there are certain world rulers that have reaped gross amounts of monies from the blood spilled by innocent persons (even though, they can't take one coin of it to Judgment). Nevertheless, they build huge palaces to house the sons of the cities they've conquered- exiling them from their families (corporate amerika's version of the thug mansion) and paying the bill with taxpayers' funds. It's a dirty business, but the culprits have disguised themselves as capitalists and labeled anybody that doesn't agree with them as enemy combatants... or a threat to their security (the security of their accumulating bank accounts, no doubt). They don't even care that the EFFECTS of their corruption has CAUSED the dysfunctionality of a generation, who attempt to escape their dismal situation through alcoholism, drug abuse and gang violence. The sad thing is, the people in power are unjustly gaining from the suffrage of the poor; benefiting from the formula of colonization-> the more mentally enslaved raza = more dollar bills made. Politicians have become so disillusioned by greed that they become insensitive to the scores of lost souls that lie wasted in the killing fields. What they fail to realize is that their methods of oppression have antagonized a new breed of urban sur-vivalist, provoking spiritual soldiers into action (third-world-style). Street veterans hear the call to stop tribal warfare and squash traditional block rivalries. See what happens when we erase the territorial borderlines and stand together against an unjust system.

My favorite song is the First Day of Freedom. Personally, I want to dedicate that one to my co-workers in the Neighborhood Reconstruction Co. (what's up, homeboys? Spark a pow-wow in the alley for the good times we shared with Big Tone Tone Sugar Bear R.I.P.). There's so many ways I can relate to this c.d. I could go on for days describing how strongly I feel the message, but I'm going to summarize it for you:

This is a conceptual album that you must listen to. It is done by the Gonzales brothers from the Pico-Union section of the city, notorious for making that rebel musick and considered by certain divisions of the LAPD to be public enemy no. 1 (have you ever heard of Rampart?) Along with Crow and Sinic leading the Street Platoon, they record their own stories like the traditional outlaw bandits of the revolution. Instead of corridos, they use that dope hip-hop format for the soundtrack. So, show the Psycho Realm some freakin' respect and purchase it from the artists directly. Buy it from Sick Jacken or order it from Big Duke. That's what this movement is all about. The big media conglomerates are uniting (they can all fall together). Just go to your local record shop and DEMAND that they keep a steady SUPPLY of PR merchandise in stock. Or, you can order it from the store. Of course, if all else fails, you can always hit me up for the re-up. I keep a stash on deck (in the 'hood), and got 'em for 10 bucks all day long.

Keepin' it gangster,


1. Street Terrorism
2. The Enemy Strikes Back
3. Wasted
4. The Killing Fields
5. Art of Execution
6. Palace of Exile

7. First Day of Freedom
8. Poison Rituals
9. Unknown Soldiers
10. Soul Sacrifice
11. Dysfunctional
12. Good Times
13. Lifestyle
14. Concrete Jungles
15. Gun Control

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