5th Battalion Circle

How do you describe the 5th Battalion circle?
It starts with 5th Battalion Entertainment, which consist of music production, artist management and booking, promotions, coordinating shows and events, record label, and a circle (family) of artist.

What groups are in your circle and where are they from?
The 5th(Mar Vista) Tiny(W.L.A.) O.T.W, Phantom Knight, Pitt. (Inglewood) Ill Mathematics (Hawthorne), and The Answer (Silver Lake).

Is diversity a weakness or strength?
Diversity is definitely a strength. We are not limited to any one style like a lot of the groups out there are. We are able to appeal to more people cause of our diversity.

What is the main objective that the 5th Battalion circle is trying to accomplish?
Socially- To expand the mind of people who listen to hip-hop, that it's not just a black, brown, or white thing. It's a people thing, homie! To bring consciousness and awareness as we revolutionize the hip-hop scene through our events that focus on certain issues that otherwise would not be covered in the mainstream scene. Through networking with such people as Fidel Rodriguez (Seditious Beats), Manny Lares (Barrios Unidos), and Sal Rojas (BrownPride.com). We are able to bring in videos, speakers, literature, the web, and any other source of information that we can use so people can take home and think about. So they are not just walking away from just another party. Also proceeds from our events are donated to different causes and organizations (politically, socially, and spiritually). As we do this, we open the door for other heads that would not get a chance because of their ethnic background. Musically- Simply to have something for everyone!

Why did you guys take it upon yourselves to start putting hip-hop shows and events together?
Nobody gave us a chance when we first came out. So instead of giving in and giving up, we took it upon ourselves to create our own opportunities. Also, we decided to open our own doors, not just for us, but for anyone that is in the same struggle (to just be heard). We are trying to set an example for our people to make their own moves and not sit around complaining about how we are not given a fair chance (in any aspect of life).

You guys have been putting it down for the underground scene. I know you guys have run into some obstacles. What are they and how do you overcome them?
Being that some of our members are inactive members of different neighborhoods, people seem to judge us very quickly. Also the actions of other people "outside of our circle" have repercussions on us. As people seem to think we invite this element, but sometimes it's beyond our control. We just stop working with people that bring problems to our events. We don't judge though, everyone is entitled to a fair chance, but we do stand firm on people that bring problems to our shows and deal with them accordingly. Most of our members have been through things that would just bring the normal person down. We have three members on wheelchairs from getting shot seven times to an accident at the beach, or being thrown into an empty swimming pool. I myself got shot three times by a skinhead point blank and left bedridden for a whole year. There are any more stories, but will be here all day, so I'll stop there. So... any obstacle we come across is really just a walk in the park. Mostly though there is a lot of hating from the industry from non-brown heads, but that isn't shit!!!!

How's the 5th Battalion compilation coming along?
Well, it's coming slowly but surely. When you don't have the ends like the big guns, you just manage and somehow make it happen (legit). It's a bitch driving all the way to Oxnard, but the homies studio from The Earthquake Institute take good care of us. So it's worth the drive. Anyways, the compilation will be coming out in the summer of 2000. Be on the look out on BrownPride.com - Seditious.com - Boca Magazine and Illtip Magazine.

5th Battalion is ran by Fernando "Comandante" Escobar jr. - Jesse "Quad" Morin - Ruben "Xxact" Malena and vital crew members Steve "G.I." Soto - Julio Perez - Edwin "DJ Lumps" Perez - Jason, Alex, Ryan Escobar - Benny "Baggito" Arroyo - Mack - Sammy - Pops - Benny Blanco from the Bronx, and not from the 5th but always down DJ Eve.

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