Brownside was one of the most promising Latin Hip-Hop groups coming straight out of Los Angeles. Brownside members were Toker, Danger (Rest In Peace), and Wicked. Their debut album "Eastside Drama" was recorded at the G-Spot Studio, and was as real as they get. They recorded a Chicano version of Eazy-E's "Boyz-N-The Hood" called "Vatos In The Varrio." It was just as good as the original if you can believe that. Brownside weren't rappers trying to be gangsters, they were real gangsters that turn to rap as a way out of the varrio. Unfortunately, the crazy streets of Los Angeles took the life of Toker's sister, brother, and Brownside member Danger. Toker's life has been anything but easy, Toker caught a case and is now serving 25 to life in the state pen. We wish the best to Toker and Wicked, and would like to dedicate this page in Loving Memory of Toker's family members and Danger, REST IN PEACE!!!

Artist: Brownside
Title: Eastside Drama
Another Crazy Day
So Ruff
Danger R.I.P.
Life on the Streets
Gangsters P.O.V.
Last Day
Can't Stop the Southland
Look Through My Eyes
Hookin' Up With Eazy E
Vatos 'n the Varrio
People Vs. Toker
Do or Die
I Never Thought
Rest in Peace

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