Cypress Hill

Louis (B-Real) Freese son of a Mexican American father and an African Cuban mother was born in East Los Angeles. He first meet Senen (Sen Dog) Reyes, the older brother of Mellow Man Ace, when B-Real moved to South Gate at the age of 12. B-Real, Sen Dog, and Lawernce (Muggs) Muggerud an Italian American from Queens one of the best DJ's in Los Angeles, came up with the idea of rapping about street life on Cypress Avenue, a South Gate street where Sen Dog lived.

Artist: Cypress Hill
Title: Unreleased&Revamped (ep)
Boom Biddy Bye Bye
Throw Your Hands In The Air
Intellectual Dons
Hand On The Pump
Whatta You Know
Hits From The Bong
Latin Lingo
When The Ship Goes Down

Artist: Cypress Hill
Title: III (Temples Of Boom)
Spark Another Owl
Throw Your Set In The Air
Stoned Raiders
Killa Hill Niggas'
Boom Biddy Bye Bye
No Rest For The Wicked
Make A Move
Funk Freakers
Red Light Visions
Strictly Hip Hop
Let It Rain
Everybody Must Get Stoned

Artist: Cypress Hill
Title: Black Sunday
I Wanna Get High
I Ain't Going Out Like That
Insane In The Brain
When The Shit Goes Down
Lick A Shot
Cock the Hammer
Lil' Putos
Legalize It
Hits From The Bong
What Go Around Come Around, Kid
A to the K
Hand on The Glock
Break'em Off'some

Artist: Cypress Hill
Title: Cypress Hill
How I Could Just Kill A Man
Hand on The Pump
Hole in The Hand
Ultraviolet Dreams
Light Another
The Phuncky Feel One
Break It Up
Real Estate
Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
Something For The Blunted
Latin Lingo
The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
Tres Equis
Born To Get Busy

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