Deliquent Habits

The vatos from Norwalk out did themselves on their latest album. "Here Come the Horns" is a lot tighter than their debut album, if you can imagine that. Ives, Keno, and O.G. Style represent Latin Rap to the fullest. You don't have to worry about the sophmore jinx on this album.

Last year, the Los Angeles trio's first single "Tres Deliquentes" became became one of the most highly touted Latino hip-hop cuts to come out of the West Coast. Complete with mariachis and a Tijuana Brass trumpet riff, the song not only went on to near gold status, but also marked the arrival of rapper Ives and Kemo and DJ/producer O.G. Styles.

Group is now poised to follow-up on the succes of the single and its accompanying album with its second PMP/Loud release "Here Come The Horns." The new disc builds on the innovative sound of the debut, which sold over 350,000 copies.

"We had time to sit in the studio and go through everthing from A to Z," says O.G. "We could make sure the music was tight, make sure the songs fit with each other , and that everything vibed from beginning from end. The last album we didn't really have a chance to set it up as well as we wanted. As soon as radio heard it, they were spinning it. Then we had to run and shoot the video and play catch up. This time it was different, it was all a consecutive vibe."

Not only does the new album represent a more comprehensive piece of work, but it also sees a more mature crew at the controls. The members of the group have taken their many life experience--touring the world, supporting their families, dealing with the record industry - and poured them into the songs. Naturally, "Here Come The Horns" demostrates reemarkable musical and lyrical growth for Deliquent Habits, which originally formed on the Los Angeles party circuit in '92.

Artist: Deliquent Habits
Title: Deliquent Habits
Tres Delinquentes
Lower Eastside
What It Be Like
I'm Addicted
The Realm
S.A.L.T. (Shit Ain't Like That)
Good Times
Break 'Em Off
What's Real Iz Real
If You Want Some
Another Fix
Underground Connection
When The Stakes Are High

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