Kid Frost

Frost new album "When HELL.A. Freezes Over" is Frost forth Album since he exploded on the scene with the Hip Hop classic "La Raza" in 1990. Frost new album does not disappoint his production is a lot tighter. The tracks produced by Julio G from 92.3 The Beat are some the phattest beats out there. Slowpain, O.Genius, and A.L.T. are all feature which is a real bonus. The Track "What's Your Name" is the jewell of this CD, check it out in my jukebox. Overall the CD is tight.

Artist: FROST
Title: Hispanics Causing Panic
Come Together
Hispanic Causing Panic
Hold Your Own
In The City
La Raza
La Raza (Cantina Mix)
Straight To The Bank
Ya Estuvo
When The Stakes Are High

Artist: FROST
Title: East Side Story
Another Firme Rola
Chaos On The Streets Of East L.A.
East Side Story
Home Boyz
I Got Pulled Over
Mi Vida Loca
No More Wars
No Sunshine
Raza Unite
Smiling Faces
Spaced Out
The Man
The Volo
These Stories Have To Be Told
Thin Line
Throwing Q-VO's

Artist: FROST
Title: Smile Now Die Later
East Side Redezvous
La Familia
You Ain't Right
Nothing But Love For The Neigborhood
Rest In Peace
La Raza Part 2
Look At What I See
How Many Ways Can You Lose A Body
Last Days

Artist: FROST
Title: When Hell.A. Freezes Over
Mexican Border
Heaven & Hell
Rock On
Heaven Sent
G-Spot Interlude
Anotha Day Anohta Dolla
Nothing In This World
Chema Otro Leno Mas
Reunited(Lo Riding)
From My Block To Your Block
Get Down
You're a Big Girl Now
What's Your Name

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