Lighter Shade of Brown

L.S.O.B. With A.L.T (photo by ©  Sal Rojas)

Latest Lighter Shade Of Brown Album

Latest Album

Artist: Lighter Shade of Brown
Title: Layin' In The Cut
Dip Into My Ride
Where Ya At
Talkin' Bout (Gettin' It On)
Hey D.J (Radio Remix)
Playin In The Shade
If You Wanna Groove
I Like It
Things Ain't The Same
Doin' The Same Thing
Everyday All Day
Hey D.J.

Artist: Lighter Shade of Brown
Title: Hip Hop Locos
Hip Hop Locos
A Young Vato
Spill the Rhyme
Viva Zapata
Check It Out
Raize Up
Alla En El Rancho Grande
The Huggy Boy Show
Lowrider Madness
Interrogated Cause I'm Brown Pt. 1+2
Spill The Wine

Debut Album "Brown & Proud"

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