Psycho Realm is the latest addition to the Cypress Hill Family. Psycho Realm was started by brothers Joaquin Gonzales aka Jacken and Gustavo Gonzales aka Duke from the Pico-Union area of downtown Los Angeles. They hooked up with Louis Freeze aka B-Real (Cypress Hill) in 1993, after B-Real saw them performing at Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. Psycho Realm was doing an end Barrio War-fare concert and B-Real happened to be there, and hit them up after the show, and joined the group a few years later. The trio debut album is titled "The Psycho Realm," the album is more of a thinking person's album. The album is more political/spiritual, with a some gangsterism thrown into the mix.

Artist: Psycho Realm
Title: The Psycho Realm
Psycho City Blocks/Psycho Interlude
The Big Payback
Interlude/Stone Garden/Interlude
Temporary Insanity
Doors Intro/Confession Of A Drug Addict
Who Are You Interlude/Bullets
Love Letters Intro/Love From The Sick Side
R.U. Experienced/ Outro
Lost Cities
La Conecta Intro/La Conecta (Pt.1)
La Conecta (Pt.2)/Goin' In Circles Outro

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