Tony Gonzales

I begin with Tony Gonzales (aka Tony G), not only because he is one of the first Latin hip-hop producers, but he is also one of the most successful. He started his career in music as a drummer, and played for a heavy metal band called Warlock. He became a DJ in high school, and quickly became one of the best DJs in Los Angeles. Tony G was discovered at a popular nightclub called Radio Tron by Greg Mack of 1580 K-DAY. Mack was impressed with Tony and hired him as a DJ for KDAY. Tony was one the original DJs of the famous "Mixmaster" show! He entered the New Music Seminar DJ competition where he finished second in the world, DJ Jazzy Jeff, the hometown favorite, stole first (fortunately for Jeff his girlfriend was on the panel of judges).

Tony G became the most exciting DJ in Los Angeles, and was asked to DJ for Young MC. While working with Young MC he toured the world and made many music connections.

Tony G opened a record store called Spin It Records. Tony also created a music studio up the street from his store, and called it G-Spot Studio (G for Gonzales). This is where he masterminded the career of Arturo Molina Jr., also known as Kid Frost. Mellow Man Ace also began his career with Tony G's help. After Frost and Mellow, came a group of Latinos formed by Tony G and Frost called Latin Alliance, which included myself. Latin Alliance released a single called "Lowrider (On The Blvd.)" featuring the original band WAR, which was a hit. Tony G has been involved with many rap artists of all nationalities, such as Eazy E (RIP), Dr. Dre, LSOB, Foesum, Cam, and myself, just to name a few. I would have to say Tony Gonzales is truly one of Latin rap's greatest producers. Latin hip-hop would not be where it is today if it wasn't for Tony Gonzales. - A.L.T.

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