Wicked Minds are the latest addition to the G-Spot Family. Wicked Minds members are Wreck, Marro, Drifter, Mikeski, and Timber. Wicked Minds come from the city of Cudahy in Los Angeles. Their debut album was recorded at G-Spot Studios and produced by Tony G and Fredwreck. The album also features G-Spot Geez A.L.T., SlowPain, O'Genius, and Frost. If you would like to order this CD, please send 15.50*(includes shipping and handlings) to our P.O Box below.

*California residents please add sales tax.

Wicked Minds

Artist: Wicked Minds
Title: Misundastood
Let It Bounce
Voices w/OGenius & Frost
Secret Playas w/SlowPain
Get U Down w/A.L.T.
Do U Care
Old Stand By w/Ray G
Don't Stop Da Pimpin w/SlowPain
Criminal w/A.L.T.
Da Brokenhearted w/ Richie Rich & Ray G
Smooth Ride
No More F___n Pain

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