Compilado Raptores Records Volumen 1

It is a known fact that the music genres of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Rhythm and Blues have not yet completely developed in Argentina to the levels of success as Argentina's Spanish Rock movement. There could be many factors which have been leading to this to happen. For example the lack of training, the lack of specialization of print or even audiovisual spectacles.

In 2004, the movement led to the emerging of Raptores Records, an independent label based on the quality of its production and creativity of its songs. A united group of artists came together to work, give fruit and to prove to be one of the best urban labels made in Argentina and taking their place of importance in Latin America.

Raptores Records has also become a visible outlet for growing support of the culture, bringing new listeners and fans to the movement, as well as supporting new talent in Buenos Aires.

With the lack of appropriate channels for promotion, outlets and distribution Raptores Records has started to release a series of compilations made available on the Internet for free download with the solo purpose of disseminating the music of their artists within the label with the support of a few international guests.

Written by Danny B.

Track list
1. En El Club - Raptores
2. En tu barrio - Sutil & Benja Feat. Buyer y My-T
3. Golden Cargao - Xtasy Feat My-T
4. Tiradera - Cero uno
5. Tres - Apolo 11
6. Motores - Orion XL
7. Mentimétrica - Fatal B Feat. Buyer Ragga Style
8. Wachos Bravos - Juankiz Feat. J-King
9. Let`s Go - Argerax & B.A.S.S.
10. Quienes Somos - Fatal B Feat. Sekreto y Frost
11. Vigilante - Super T Feat. Sutil
12. HBA - Buyer Ragga Style & Dirrrty
13. Señorita (parte dos) - Apolo 11 Feat. Benja
14. Dj Rigo - Sutil Feat. Buyer Ragga Style
15. Nena Ya Voy - Juankiz Feat. J-King
16. Frutillas Con Crema - Sutil & Benja
17. Cuidate - Cero uno
18. Nena Raptores
19. 20 De Neruda - Orion XL
20. Respect - Sutil Y My-T
21. Este Soy Yo - Xtasy
22. Donde Sea - Sutil Feat. Trova D

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