Krazy Race - Chronicles of a Krazy Race

Krazy Race is a Los Angeles native who has been a staple in the underground and Latino Hip-Hop movement for years.

Krazy Race has released three albums and has been featured on numerous compilation CDs and other Artist's/Group's Albums all over the world. He has done International shows in Spain & Japan and has been featured by Websites, Magazines and TV Networks like Mun2, LATV, KCal, ABC, SiTV & more.

"Chronicles of a Krazy Race" On this album he teamed up with one of L.A.'s illest Producers"Ringleader Dj Ace" of Rhyme Poetic Mafia.

This Album features "Heavy Hitters" in the Hip-Hop scene like Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm, Chino XL, KAM, Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, Gutterfame & More.

The album reflects what Krazy Race has been known for all along, he is known for socially conscious & political songs, street & urban topics, life & struggle and that straight up, raw uncut, underground hip hop. It gives the listener a glimpse into the life of Krazy Race from what he seen first hand or what his people have seen or gone through. Krazy Race is a voice of the people!

Krazy Race's "Chronicles of a Krazy Race" Download:

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    If you want to purchase an actual CD, its available here world-wide:

    1. Narrator Speaks
    2. Chronicles ft Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill
    3. Ive Been Known
    4. True Story
    5. Pride
    6. Iceberg Speaks
    7. Street Life ft Kam
    8. Krazy Race Speaks
    9. Do U ft Sick Jacken , Gutterfame
    10. Gun Powder Flow ft Chino XL
    11. I Wont Stop
    12. Live on Stage ft Kahlee
    13. Prelude to Armageddon
    14. Armageddon
    15. Nunca Acabado by Immortal Technique
    16. Get Up Stand Up ft Dubpassenjah
    17. Why Me
    Bonus Track
    18. Those Were the Days
    Produced by The Ringleader DJ Ace

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