Lil Uno Presents Heatrocks

Lil Uno Presents Heatrocks
By Gerardo Garcia III

Just in time for the Christmas holiday and the upcoming winter season, Lil Uno Presents Heat Rocks will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, simply because this album is pure fire. A compilation album of Sicko Record artists, the album showcases the tip of the iceberg for the talented roster that has major plans for 2007. So for those of you who don't want to use your chimneys this season, this album will bring the heat just the same and be a great gift for your ears as well.

The album kicks off with the lead single, "Perfect Gentlemen," a club banger which has been tearing up the airwaives in San Diego. It features on-point production and hot verses by Shysti as well as Lil Uno and Sicko Records newcomer Technique. Shysti heads most of the production duties on the album and contributes a mobster ass beat on "Some Gangsta Shit" that features standout verses from Technique, Ant Dog, Lil Uno, and Shysti where he spits "its been a long time since I had to raise my gun up with the vengeance/I've been trying to raise my sons with independence/in every single sense of the word/there's a war going on so fuck what ya heard." According to Shysti, "One of my favorite songs on the album is Gangsta Shit and we wanted it to resonate with the theme that we are down for our shit, even more now, that we are fathers, business owners...etc. And that being a man is about raising your children to be good people, being about your word, standing up for your convictions and at the same time never taking shit from anybody."

"Let Us In" is the next single being released from the album and its going to be the Chicano anthem for 2007. Shysti laces another heater on the production tip with a bangin' beat and a catchy hook that's guaranteed to make everyone's head nod. Lil Uno totally rips this track with an ultra fast flow that could easily rival Twista or Bone Thugs N Harmony and Shysti provides a tight verse as well as the hook "We at yo door steady knockin' won't you let us in/ we representin' for the people cuz we Mexicans/we on your block steady bouncin' bouncin' outside/we are the ones who taught the world how to lowride."

The album also features Ant Dog spittin' some deep and personal lines regarding a failed relationship on "Ghetto Love Letter" while Shysti gets down on the keys to bring the track to life after hearing out Ant Dog get things off his chest in the studio. Another song that arised in a similar fashion is "Unleash the Beast" where we find the signature Lil Uno sound. Mexican-American NFL player Jorge Cordova (Jacksonville Jaguars), a native from San Diego and a Sicko fan came by the studio one night and said "I want to see how you guys make a song" and Uno asked "should I unleash the beast on him?" and they all laughed and about 30 minutes later Shysti had made the beat and Uno had written those amazing verses. They recorded it and it was all done, from the comment to the first mix in about an hour. Jorge Cordova left with a copy of it. Shysti rounds out the production on another club banger "Move," Siccmade's "The Truth," Big Young's club banger "Thas Wassup" and "So Simple," and Technique's "For the Westside," where we find Technique add some Puerto Rican flavor on a dope West Coast beat.

Other production on the album is found on Ant Dog's "Doin' My Thing" where Ecay Uno provides a unique backdrop with an eerie vocal pattern. D. Moss provides a classic West Coast beat on "How We Ride," a tribute to southern California that features Siccmade, Big Young, Technique, and newcomer Claudia providing sultry vocals to compliment the laid back sound of the track. Chag G comes through on the posse cut "Sicko Soldiers" which features standout verses from Shysti's brother, Sage, as well as Chi June and verses from Big Young, Lil Uno, Technique, Siccmade, Ant Dog and Shysti. Also, the album features two hot tracks from veteran producer VMF, where he cooks up that dope left coast sound on Technique's "West Coast Style" as well as lacing the perfect backdrop for Lil Uno at his best on the reminscent track "Never Forget" that also features Chag G providing a melodic yet soulful hook that amplifies Uno's deep and emotion-filled verses about lost loved ones.

Lil Uno Presents Heat Rocks is a very solid and diverse album with equally solid and diverse production and verses from all artists on the Sicko Records roster. Although a compilation album, it flows well because every session they had was dope since all of the artists were in the studio and contributing at all times. This album showcases the talent that will be prevalent in 2007 beginning with Shysti's solo album sometime around May followed by Puerto Rican representative Technique's solo album sometime in July. Ant Dog, Big Young and Sage will all follow after that so be on the lookout for Sicko Records coming out strong in the next year.

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