Juan Zarata Alias: Messiah - El Hijo de la Calle

A Messiah of Hip-Hop has arrived. Coming from el sur de Chicago Messiah has appeared on the Spanish rap scene; bringing his lethal combination of lyrics, raps, and styles. Messiah's command and control of Spanish Hip-Hop is a witness that he's on the rise to take the throne of the Spanish rapper. Messiah's debut album "El Hijo de la Calle" is a testament to him being born from the streets and chosen by the streets to be a real and ill emcee. By being el hijo de la calles del sur Chicago, Messiah has been picked up by Kinto Sol's camp and signed to Virus entertainment.

Juan Zarate aka Messiah was born "between here and there—Tjuana to be exact". Messiah "got lost on the road to riches and ended up in the capital of segregation, otherwise known as Chicago". His debut "El Hijo de la Calle" is " a rough draft of the first 23 years of his life…with stories based on fact, the rest influenced by experiences both good and bad." But he reflects "I didn’t write the album…it wrote itself in front of my eyes."

The first classic off this album is track 4 titled "El Hijo de la Calle." With its upbeat tempo and booming bass Messiah delivers with sly, slick, and wicked rhymes that are part pure emceeing, part autobiography, and part diss. The song starts off with Messiah calling "Haganse paca la barrio va sonar, la calle sabe la verdad", and him showing off his skills and style with lines like "no soy Mafioso pero si me topo yo exploto se me prenden foco en foco un poco loco" and "en toda cuadra el hustle provoca represento a los que no tienen otra"

Another highlight off the album is track 10 titled …. This track is dedicated to the victims of the struggle of life and is a narration of a moment about a murder of young pregnant girl. The beat is slower in tempo with a touch of an LA sound. He ends it with "alma de me barrio nadie te olvidado la callé esta llorando balas seguían sonando el cielo esta nublado lucito esta llorando."

The highlight of the album is track 13 titled "Criticame" featuring two other Chicago-based rappers Netza and Amenaza. The beat is bumping, unique, and raw. It has a moderate tempo but is heavy in its melody and bass. The delivery and lyrics are heavy ranging from topics of double faced jokers, back stabbing tokers, and jealous smokers. Every rapper brings their own style to this sick classic. Netza begins the song like he’s doing the down and dirty and spits toda me pinche vida yo fue juzgado criticado siempre de se ambulado como Cristo antes se crucificado." He spits aye muchos que me a no se por que me odian quiere termina me para no me da la Gloria pero me balle si nadie me poya me van a recordé me en la historia." Messiah rips it up by starting it with "si la miradas mataron me traguen en la tierra sonrisas en las carras no son sinceras" and ending it with "no tengo nada que perder por que nada he tenido es la verdad con Jehovah de mi testigo". Amenaza flows yo oido cuando hablan and critican cuando hablan el eseuqo y ellos a mismo...de los perros que me ladran ninguna me a mordido."

"El Hijo de la Calle" is packed with bumping beats and lyrics with flows that show the talent and mastery of his raps. The album contains heavy hitting songs that range from twisted beats about the streets to sinful jams that'll have you moving. And as a debut album it can't be touched with Messiah's raps, flows and beats. You know that Messiah will be moving up in the rap game with his talent. Go out and buy this album you will not be disappointed. This one is para toda la cuadro!

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