Bagavundoz - Dejando Huellas

Dejando Huellas is the hot new album that brings together two of Spanish Hip Hop’s leading artists Reazn and Strae. Teaming up under the name Bagavundoz, they went into the studio with plans of merging their talents and strengths with the hope of creating a work that would raise the bar for the genre. With over forty songs recorded, they have emerged with a 15-track, groundbreaking album, which clearly accomplishes the goal they had set out to reach. This much anticipated album has definitely been worth the wait.

Just as the Bagavundoz logo illustrates, a broken compass pointing to the North East, the album is centered on the stories and experiences of two individuals finding their way through the streets of the North East section of Los Angeles. What makes this album work is that these stories carry a universal thread that resonates with all, regardless of where they grew up. From socio-economic hardship and backyard parties, to the struggles of the two in an emerging music market, this album captivates, creating true kinship as an understanding of the artist’s lives and perspective emerges.

Dejando Huellas is a well organized and produced album, which can be enjoyed from start to finish. “La Entrada”, with its blazing horns and catchy bassline, kicks off the album announcing the Bagavundoz’ arrival to the world. The album quickly changes tone with “Locos Tiempos”, a true hop banger, which features Nomah, one of Spain’s rising stars. By the time you get through Locos Tiempos, you finally understand that this release has reached a new artistic plateau. We move on to tracks such as El Ambiente, which features Bookworm Brown, one of the most innovative artists in the LA scene. This song carefully blends strong guitar riffs with a moving bass, which builds to create a Rocky type adrenaline rush in the chorus. It’s chanty hook which states, “El ambiente se levanta con la ayuda de la gente, sube tu las manos es musica que se siente, el gigante lo queremos despertar y sabes que, no nos van a parar” accurately captures the state of Spanish Hip Hop as the giant which is about to wake. The album just keeps getting stronger as we get to the first single titled, “Just Like Me”. This bilingual track states, “When growing up, si estabas pobre, then chances are you were just like me”. This universal theme connects Bagavundoz with youth from every neighborhood, as all can relate to the financial struggles of growing up in this environment. With other notable features by longstanding LA hip hop representatives Los Tumbados, the album has no filler songs, staying strong throughout. Finally, no hip hop album would be complete without a battle song and Bagavundoz do not disappoint by ending with Para De Pensar. With a beat that makes you feel like one of the three hundred Spartans getting ready to face the Persian army, it’s the perfect ending to the album.

The lyricism and production on this album create a truly unique sound. Reazn takes leaps from his debut album La Razon De Ser, with beefed up versus and an enhanced melodic delivery. Strae debuts with energetic verses anchored by hard hitting vocabulary that leaves you mesmerized and wanting to instantly rewind and listen a second and third time. Their lyrics effortlessly complement one another and create a synergy with the music that backs their delivery. The production powering these strong vocals was created by the in house Green Cadillac team. Their sound for the album can best be described as sampled driven, brought to life by live instruments such as violins, trumpets, electric guitar, and bass, giving an organic feel, with punchy kicks and snares. Other production on the album was furnished by State Of The Art, the fastest rising producers in the LA hip hop scene.

This album has been carefully crafted and it shows. From its hypnotizing deliveries to its groovy bass lines, Dejando Huellas is truly a triumph for Bagavundoz, Contraband Records, and the Spanish Hip Hop movement. Simply press play, sit back, and enjoy the journey...

Track Listing
1.Bagavundo 1:54
2.La Entrada 3:30
3.Locos Tiempos 6:06
4.Sam Bigotes 1:13
5.Sobreviviendo 4:43
6.El Ambiente 4:37 7.Caile 3:31
8.Peon 0:36
9.just Like Me 4:01
10.En El Northeast 1:59
11.Brujula 4:10
12.Malilla 1:10 13.Mentiroso 5:10
14.Para De Pensar 3:55
15.En Peace 1:21

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