Mala Rodriguez - Malamarismo

“Malamarismo”: The Miracle-working art of playing with concepts in order to amaze listeners, displaying great doses of skill and agility, exclusive of Mala Rodríguez.

The album “Malamarismo” begins with a declaration of María’s intentions on the track “Volveré” with a beat produced by Sr. Tcee. “Volveré” is a half-tempo track with straightforward lyrics and a message to who ever wants to listen to it. Immediately after that track we find a talkative artist full of energy. María bursts in with an unbeatable flow in “Te Convierto”, one of the best tracks on the album. “Te Convierto” presents itself as a handbook of street-wise knowledge accompanied by the guitar and the voice of flamenco star Raimundo Amador.

The prestigious DJ Rectangle from Las Vegas, Nevada produced, recorded and mixed a track that fits María like a glove. What was a risky musical production for Mala, she adapts her voice to a club theme track on “Nanai”. Mala turned the track out into a street hymm. In “Caída Libre”, producer Griffi creates the context for Mala to recreate at her will; and she does it as only she knows how to do it.

“Menos Tú” is a sharp and solid critique of all the bragging that surrounds our personal relationships under a peculiar production from Griffi. In “Tiempo Pa Pensá”, produced by Giggi Mantequilla and featuring Mexican pop star Julieta Venegas of Tijuana, Mexico María flexes her versatility even more.

“Toca, Toca” is a genuine musical provocation, a myriad of ironic and cheeky puns over a rhythmical production by Griffi. “Enfermo” shows one of the most significant themes in the album, it uses irony to talk about insanity and she does it hand in hand with Puerto Rican super rapper Tego Calderón. A reality seen from the verge, strongly critical of a fastidious society that sets the limits of correctness.

María breaths in and aims directly at the welfare society, at the hypocrisy of a system where the human being doesn’t have any say. Mala strongly criticizes a false progress that only generates victims, supported by DJ Rectangle’s production in “La Loca”. “Miedo”, also produced by DJ Rectangle, starts off with the high energy of MC Mahoma of Cuban group Exposion Suprema and introduces a very significant intervention from Mala. In “Memorias del futuro” María sharpens her pen and measures her expression to take you to her own playing ground. The closer she seems to be, the more acid she becomes... In “Jura y Gana” Mala shows her cards again and defends her way of looking at life, particularly in this very moment.

In “Déjame Entrá”, produced by Griffi, María’s vocal skills grow as in no other song. The lyrics are written with rebelliousness and become even greater thanks to Raimundo Amador’s Spanish guitar.

María “Mala” Rodriguez supervised the “Malamarismo” project from the very beginning until the record was sent to the factory for pressing. She was involved with the artistic and executive direction together with her team, as if her whole life depended on it, and it shows.

Malamarismo will be in stores on June 19, 2007.

1. Volvera
2. Te convierto feat. Raimundo Amador
3. Nanai
4. Caida Libre
5. Menos tu
6. Tiempo pa pensar feat. Julieta Venegas
7. Toca Toca
8. Enfermo feat. Tego Calderon
9. La loca
10. Miedo feat. MC Mahoma
11. Memorias del Futuro
12. Jura y Gana
13. Dejame Entra
14. Por La Noche *bonus track

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