Pato - Amigo (The Single)

The veteran Spanish Hip Hop rapper, Pato, of the group Control Machete proves that no matter how much the game changes, he will always be a conscientious and poetic emcee.

Pato returns under a new flag ship project named Contrabanda, first single "Amigo" (pato2) picks off where the last Control Machete album left off, and beats echo "1,2; Bandera" with a very funky, jazzy, hip-swaying beat.

His last album with Control Machete, "1, 2; Bandera", although innovative and funky as all strayed a bit too much from what many Control Machete fans were used to. It was a modern twist on Pato's usual metaphorical but not in-your-face style, and the mix of electronic and semi alternative beats reassured fans that Pato refused to be boxed up in a single sound and showed that he is always looking to evolve and try new things.

Once again produced by the legend Jason Roberts (Cypress Hill, House Of Pain, Control Machete, etc) The two have and continue to make a good team, with Pato as the gifted lyricist and Jason Roberts providing groovable beats.

Pato has always been able to rhyme and sing to the hardcore heads while at the same time hitting a chord in the mainstream population. He once again nails this on the single.

The single isn't that big of a standout or instant classic. And from a man who brought us "Compredes Mendes" and "Grita," in his early days, this is again bit of a disappointment to the hardcore Control Machete fans.

But to be fair, how does one top those two songs? "Compredes Mendes" has a beat that creeps into your head and refuses to leave, I still hear people bumping it on the streets to this day. "Grita," seemingly another song where Pato displays his hardcore vocal Hip Hop style.

You can't top these standout songs, so longtime fans must not compare "Amigo" (pato2) to the classic songs that Pato gave us as a member of Control Machete and just be content with a song that hits all the right marks with the beats, cuts, and rhymes.

Right Click Here to Download "Amigo" (pato2) by ContraBanda

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